Downfall of Being Single

I know I wrote a post recently about why I love being single. It’s true, I really do. However, there is another side where I sometimes get really down on myself and feel like I’m going to be single forever. Maybe I will be, and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. I mean if I’m happy by myself, then why do I need to worry about bringing another person into the mix?

Sometimes I think it has to do with society and how it seems to be expected that you find someone to be with, and also how it seems like single people are looked down upon. Especially if you’ve reached a certain age and have not yet found someone to marry, have kids with, or just generally settle down with. Society also makes it seem like you’re a pathetic person if you’ve been single for years, like myself. I actually read an article once that basically looked down on people who stayed single for more than a year.

I’ll be 29 in a few months and I’ve gotten the many comments, such as, “Are you just going to be single forever?”, “When are you going to get out and meet someone?”, “Are you ever going to get married?”, “If you want to have kids, you need to find somebody soon.” Aside from those comments, I also get comments about how young I look for my age. Several of my family members were joking around recently when they said, “The reason you can’t find a boyfriend is because you look like you’re 14.” I know they didn’t mean anything hurtful by that, but it just adds to the internal struggle I face.

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Love the Skin You’re In


I’ve seen this going around on a few blogs, and blogger Kittyp0p has nominated anyone who’s interested to also participate.

The rules are to thank your tagger and link their blog, be truthful when answering the questions, and don’t judge others. Feel free to add any body positivity related questions, and nominate as many people as you can to spread the love and acceptance and self-worth/esteem boost.

One (or more) features you love about yourself:
My eyes. I have central heterochromia, so while the majority of my iris is blue, the pupil is outlined in a hazel color. I especially like the way they light up in the sunlight.

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Florida Vacation

I got back from Florida yesterday morning, but I was too tired to write out a post because I was exhausted and didn’t get that much sleep while I was away. I slept great last night, now that I’m back home in my own bed.

I went with my mom and aunt, and my grandma lives there so we stayed with her. We were in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas such as Ormond Beach, New Smyrna, Port Orange, and Ponce Inlet. We flew out of Maryland on Monday morning and got to Florida in the afternoon. It started pouring down raining after we left the airport, but the rain eventually subsided. We went to Ponce Inlet to check out the Ponce de Leon lighthouse. Originally I wanted to go up in the lighthouse and take some photos out of the windows, but since it was wet and cloudy and I was tired, I decided not to do that.

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Gender Reveal & Birthday Fun

The only time I was home the entire weekend was to sleep, and I was at work all day today, so I’m just getting around to making this post. I’ve been feeling pretty tired and lazy. I’m very much an introvert, so constantly being around people the last few days has me feeling drained. I’ve also only gotten about half the sleep I usually do, so I need to catch up on that as well.

On Saturday I had to wake up early and go to my cousin’s house an hour and a half away for her gender reveal party. I think I was almost as excited as her and her husband to find out the sex. We had to wear blue or pink depending on what we thought. I had this really deep feeling that it was going to be a boy, so I wore blue.

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Help Appreciated!

I never thought I would create a GoFundMe. I’m not the type that likes to ask for help or handouts, and my dad doesn’t like to either. However, he has had a string of bad luck, is depressed, and I’m just in tears over everything because I feel so bad for him.

He suffered an injury last year that put him out of work for six months. With him being older, the healing process takes a lot longer. He went back to work in November, and a few months later his car completely died on him. He ended up having to use the little bit of extra money he had to buy an old, cheap car. It needed work, but it was something to get around in. He also just had to get some expensive dental work done, which he had to use credit cards to pay for.

To make matters worse, my dad was just in a car accident, in which another driver slammed into him and totaled his car. This has left him injured and temporarily out of work yet again. He has a sprained leg and fractured ribs on both sides. I’m very fortunate that it’s not worse and that he’s still here. It’s hard to imagine life without him.

I hate seeing him being dealt blow after blow and struggling. I’m going to buy him groceries and help out where I can, but I can only do so much. I would really love if any of you could donate, even if it’s only a tiny bit. Not only would it help financially, but I think that seeing people donating and showing compassion would really lift his mood. I would love nothing more than to see that happen. If you are unable to donate anything, perhaps you could share my link on your social media pages. I would greatly appreciate it!